Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Done & Numbered.

I decided to go ahead and paint the tram windows a pale grey colour and to neaten up the numbers indicating the bays for each tram. I added the central buffer to the front of the trams and also indicated the lights on each side. I only have the 3 prints that are more or less O.K. so they have been numbered to indicate that there are the 3 prints.  Framing is a little tricky, as  cut off some of the original lino and so the size of the prints is a little odd for a standard frame. I did find some that will do however at the 'Op-Shop' (Thrift shop) but unfortunately the paper surrounding the print on all but one is not the correct measurement for the weighting on the lower edge of the image. Maybe I'll have to mount the image on another piece of paper.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Rain at Last.

We've had quite a long run of hot and dry days, so when the forecast is for a cool change and rain, we're all very happy here. The first few drops were caught by this leaf.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Museum of Old and New, Hobart.

 On a recent trip to Hobart I visited MONA for the first time. Quite apart from the exhibits in the museum Here I was fascinated by the iron wagon and carriage displayed outside.  I couldn't find  any information on the site as to who was responsible. It's just amazing!
                                                Each wheel on it's own is a work of art.
                                            These panels look to have Gothic influences .
                                         Now these parts seem to suggest medieval banners.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Out of all the tram prints that I did recently, only 3 of them are worth continuing with. The others are either too dark and the details don't show up, or too blotchy. I've painted these 3 from which to choose just one to be mounted, but I'm undecided about painting in the windows a pale grey or leaving them white. I like the idea that the trams are sleeping in the tram shed, so perhaps colouring them in would be more like they were eyes closed for the night.  Decisions, decisions...............

Monday, 20 March 2017


                                                  Patterns can be found so unexpectedly.
            Here we have a dog, a ball and a country dam with a stand of reeds at each end.
     When the dog disturbs the water, the reflections of the reeds make the most amazing patterns.

Saturday, 18 March 2017


Like many buildings that want light in the room, but not visibility, our bathroom has glass bricks in the window. Outside is a green hedge with some bare branches and this is what the glass bricks look like from inside, with a tweak of Photoshop of course!
   Here the sky is reflected in the panes of glass of a high rise building. The glass in the narrow panels must be a slightly different colour.
A piece of car window smashed onto a bed of leaf litter.
A car mirror broken on the road.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Painted Trams.

Here are a couple of trial runs with painting the tram lino cuts. The top one is with water colour and the lower one is with acrylic paint. Although there are many shades of yellow and green on our old Melbourne trams, I think I might stay with the same shades across all 7 trams.  I much prefer the look of the water colour green to the  more olive green acrylic, and I think that the more translucent water colour fits in better with the na├»ve look of the image.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


 I thought that it was about time that I actually printed my lino cut trams, just to see what more needs to be carved or changed. I've cut away all the excess lino and reduced the overall size quite a bit.
I can't decided if I prefer the print to be dark black and white or a bit speckled to show the marks on the asphalt and the wall of the tram shed. I'll colour some of the obviously 'no good' prints and decide then.