Saturday, 21 January 2017

New Stamp - New Project.

 Well, it's not a completely new project as it's another book, this one with eco-dyed fabric and stamps. This stamp shows the seed capsules from a Bottlebrush plant, with the new growth beyond where last years flowers were. I have simplified the design quite a bit with just a few leaves rather than the quantity on the specimen that I worked from.
       This stamps looks as if it would lend itself to Photoshop stamping.....................must try it out.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

It's a Book!

                                  Well it's now a finished book, and this is the front cover.
                                                                 Here's the back cover.
 A selection of the pages follows. Above is the Banksia and a mud-map. The spirals represent camp sites.
 This is the inside of the book showing the last page with gumnuts and the inside of the back cover.
                                      Two more species of Eucalypt and their seed capsules.
Another couple of Eucalypt gumnuts with the meandering mud-map and spirals as a background. All the pages are hand sewn into place on a strip of Lutradur for stability and then the whole lot glued into the cover. It was a most interesting project for hot summer days.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Its Almost a Book!

Because of using mud as a paint for the background of the pages, I felt that I should seal the paper and prints against damp fingers that might handle it. I used a matte gel medium as I definitely didn't want a shine, but having said that, I found it difficult to photograph the drying pages because of glare.
Here are 4 double pages ready to dry over night, you can just see the white that I've used to bring up a few highlights. I started off using a lovely new white gel pen, but the fine grit of the mud-paint jammed up the rolling ball, so unfortunately I had to change to a white 'polychromes' pencil which didn't give anywhere near such a dense and fine line. Now to think about how I'm going to bind the pages into a book, and what sort of cover I'm going to make.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Last One..............I Think.

 These are the seed pods from another species of Brachychiton, or Kurrajong tree. Shorter and fatter than the others that I carved a few days ago, these pods are empty of seeds where as the thinner longer ones still had seeds in the pods.
 I think however that I'll pretend that the seeds were still in these pods, much easier to carve than empty shells.
 I think it would have been a better idea to carve them separately for multiple arrangements, however, this will do for now.
                                          A bit more texture needed inside the pods I think.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Not so Successful.

 I wanted to make the last of the stamps in this series of native seed pods and so I chose Eucalyptus macrocarpus, which has an enormous seed capsule. I thought that this preliminary drawing on the carving rubber looked O.K, so I set to work.
 After a little bit of carving I realised that the capsules facing the viewer were a bit ambiguous and really didn't convey any dimensional quality.
 I had even run out of pieces of Perspex on which to mount it, so added it to the other side of another stamp just to test it out.
Not up to much as a print I don't think, but time is getting short so I might have to make do with it.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Brachychiton Pods.

 These pods are from a Brachychiton tree, it's better known names are Kurrajong or Ilawarra Flame tree. The clusters of small bright scarlet flowers are followed by these very large pods full of seeds.
These 3 stamps should be enough to print to give me the characteristic bunch of pods, although I really need a small stem to hang them from. I think that there are only 3 species of Brachychiton, although I might be wrong.  One is the amazing Queensland Bottle tree and there also appears to be another one without a common name. It too is growing in a park nearby and I hope to be able to carve some stamps from it's pods too.  They are much shorter and fatter than these from the Kurrajong and the flowers are quite different, like little green bells with a purple spotted interior.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Still Stamp Carving.

 A relative has a beautiful Silver Princess Eucalypt in his garden and I've long admired the spectacular hanging bunches of bright red flowers, but now that it has finished flowering, the seed capsules are all hanging down in their place. Shorter and broader than the other eucalypt seed capsules that I've carved, I found it difficult to get the proportions of these quite right.
 The leaves are fairly typical eucalypt leaves, the long thinish variety that is, so I've made them fairly generic.
 The carving is looking O.K here, that is until I cut the lower bit of one of the leaves off by mistake!
Oh, well, leaves come in all sizes and shapes, this one is just shorter and thinner than I originally intended.

Monday, 9 January 2017

More Leaf Stamps.

 These banksia leaves are just so diverse in their form, from multi toothed older leaves to the young ones with just a couple of points. I chose 3 of these to add to the one that I had carved a stamp from previously. It was an old leaf with many points, so I chose a selection of young leaves that were all different.

I now have a collection of 5 different Banksia leaf stamps that I can combine in different ways to produce a 'sprig' of foliage to go with the cones that I carved some time ago.