Saturday, 22 October 2016

Stamp Carving.

 A small fallen branch of a banksia was the image that I wanted to make into a stamp today. I had already carved the leaves some time ago, so it was just the branch that I wanted to work on.
                  The first very rough outline of the branch with the inspiration beside me.
 The first image from the cut out Soft-Cut stamp. As you can see there is quite a bit to work on, particularly the fine ends of the twigs which need to be cut away.
 It's easier to do the fine trimming with something to support the stamp, and luckily I had a piece of waste plastic which suited very well.
 I tried the first stamped image with a banksia cone that I had already carved some time ago, but it's too big for the leaves and branch. I might have to carve another similar but smaller one.
In the meantime I used an immature cone from another stamping session. The scale is much better.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Floating Ribs!

You have no doubt heard of floating ribs, the ribs that aren't connected like all the others to the human rib cage. Here I have created a piece of art from one of the banksia cone images that I came up with in Photoshop yesterday, I've called it Floating Ribs as that is what it reminds me of. The selected parts of the original image are layered over a picture of one of the eco-dyed fabrics from last week and the layers manipulated separately.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Photoshop Play.

 I selected a portion of one of the Banksia cones and began playing with simple filters in Photoshop.
First however I duplicated the image, reversed one of them, and put the 2 together, giving a larger size and a symmetrical pattern. Somewhere along the line the original image changed into shades of blue.
 I then just worked my way through the list of filters to find something that produced an image that looked as thought it might be useful as a background for something else.
           I like the greater contrast of the first image, but the one above is quite appealing too.
               Although it has plenty of contrast, I don't think this one has much potential.
                                       This one looks as if it is some sort of weaving perhaps.
 This one might find itself as the back of a beetle! Don't forget that any of these can be enlarged a little by clicking on the image,.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

More Stamp Desings.

 On the top row we have Banksia cones with both the open seed cases on the left and the closed ones on the right. There is a clump of unopened gumnuts on the bottom left with 2 different types of Bottlebrush open seed cases to the right.
 The Banksia cones are fascinating, like rows of open and closed mouths. I wonder what I can do in Photoshop with these!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Stamp Fodder.

 I was thinking of carving a new stamp for my seed pod series and wondering where to go for some more plant material, when I remembered that I had a wooden platter with all sorts of saved pods and seeds from my various travels around Australia. The  collection has been in storage for some years so required a bit of dusting. Some of the items aren't from native trees, so I will exclude them from the stamp series, but enough of them are native to give me plenty to work on.
 These are Eucalypt pods similar to the ones that I carved a stamp from a week or so ago. I now realise that I should have only given each capsule 3 slits, whereas I gave them multiples. maybe I'll need to recarve the stamp.
   Another species of Eucalypt, a pity that I don't have the leaves to go with the seed capsules.
 This is an interesting one, another Eucalypt of course, but big and bulky. Again it's a pity that I don't have the correct leaves to go with it.  Some research needed perhaps?
            This is from a She-Oak I think, but quite large, so it may have come from further north.

Monday, 17 October 2016

It Must be Spring.

 It must be spring in Victoria as the frogs are busy breeding and laying their eggs in these frothy masses. The particular species of frog that makes these egg masses has several names, but the one that is most evocative is the PobbleBonk frog, so named for the call that they make.
A single frog call sounds like 'pock' but lots calling at once give the 'pobble' sound.
Below is a picture of the frog, courtesy of Wikipedia and you can get more information Here

Sunday, 16 October 2016


 Because I was going away for the weekend I decided to unwrap the last couple of bundles before I left. The one above is the washed fabric that was wrapped with the purple native hibiscus flowers, and surprisingly it retained some of the bluish splodges, though the intensity of the yellow has faded a lot.
 The following photos show the fabric before washing and you can see that a lot of the details have been lost in the wash.

Oh well, if I really want just that picture I can always print it onto fabric from the photo.

Thursday, 13 October 2016


 What is the point of growing beautiful carrots, when the wretched rats get in and eat most of them over night!!!!!!!!!! Yes, there is bait out, and yes, they're under 2 layers of mesh and still they get in.
So far they have probably eaten about 70 full grown carrots and I'm completely fed up with the carnage. It has to be rats or mice, as the whole raised bed is under mesh around the small cages in the photos. What to do??