Tuesday, 19 September 2017


 Right now my garden is looking lovely in the early Spring sunshine. I'm particularly pleased with these Gazanias as I grew them all from seed, and it's taken 2 years for them to flower well.
                          The variations in colour and form are amazing as you can see.
 This one isn't quite fully out yet, but it will only take a few hours for the petals to completely unfurl.
     This one is a little smaller than most of the others, but it's double array of petals is lovely.
        This one has rounded petal tips rather than the pointed ones of the other colours.
 These 3 stitched images were done quite some time ago, but are based on the usual yellow form of the Gazania with the black central markings.
                I used many shades of yellow thread and lots of black and yellow beads.
All the small embroideries were mounted in a single frame with a black background and individual windows for each one. Unfortunately at this stage I can't locate a photo of the final presentation.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

I Only Want 7!

I had a blitz on the final printing of my little 15 x 15 cm image and managed to make 12 from which to choose the 7 that I need, 5 plus 2 artists proofs. Even so, I'm not all that sure that I have 7 without faults, but that's the nature of hand made items, there are minor faults to be expected.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Almost There.

 This is almost what the final version will be, although I don't think that I will spray the printing paper with soft silver as I have here, and I think that the butterfly is perhaps one item too many.
Here is the image with all the component stamps that I have carved and used. I think that I will have to raise the base pattern a little too, in order to leave a space for the print number, title and name.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Slow Stitching.

 A group that I belong to decided to embrace slow stitching and to use this hand stitching to make some small purses and bags for sale at the gift shop of the Embroiderers Guild up and coming exhibition titled 'Ebb & Flow'.
 I haven't done much hand stitching in decades, much preferring the speed and immediacy of machine stitching. However, to show willing I started this hand stitching on a piece of upholstery fabric left over from an old lounge suite that we no longer have. I backed the piece with 2 layers of soft muslin for support.
 Unfortunately I ran out of time to finish the hand stitching, so in order to have something to contribute, I finished the purse off with machine stitching. I used heavy perle thread in the bobbin to tie in with the hand work but working from the back, it was hard to line up the stitching with the pattern on the front.
Lined and with a small button made of wood it doesn't look too bad. At least it's finished, even if it isn't all 'slow stitching' !

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Another Idea.

   I'm finding it very difficult to fit the various elements into the proscribed 15cm x 15cm format.
Here I'm carving a small bending piece of foliage to fit into the small jug and around the little teapot.
             A little piece of the stem is missing, but I'm not worried by that at all.
  The angle of the foliage isn't right and the flowers are too big, but apart from that, it might work!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Printing Again.

 Here I'm trying out various versions of the jugs & pots with flowers and a carved patterned base.
The finished art work needs to be 15 cm x 15 cm, which is not very big at all, so I'm having trouble fitting a pleasing design into that format. It's all a bit slap dash trying the placements out, so the insides and outlines of the various items don't line up at all well. It's just to get an idea of what comes next.

Monday, 11 September 2017


 The first of the spring flowers seems to be various types of Camellias.  This one is particularly pretty I think. Some of the flowers on the very large shrub are all pink and others a combination of pink and white like this one is.
While there are lots of different shapes and colours of daffodils in the garden, I don't think that I've noticed this one before. They were all planted by a previous owner of the property and are just lovely in their variations.
                                              Two different daffodils shown in this photo.
The good old King Alfred variety with their classic colour and formation.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Fungus and a Nest.

 When I first saw this fungus at the base of a tree stump I thought that someone had negligently dropped and left a piece of red plastic on the ground. Closer inspection showed this extraordinary bright red fungus. It seems to be very soft and has grown around a stem of grass and over a couple of leaves. What a colour!
Equally extraordinary is the choice of this place to build a nest. A spare electrical cord hanging in the garage seems an odd place to make a nest, but it would be hard for a predator to scale the metal walls and the corner of the garage is relatively quiet for most of the time. It's probably a wren's nest.